A well behaved dog is a happy dog. Training allows your dog to become an active member of your family instead of watching from the side.

Camp Paradise Pet Resort is also making an effort to save dog’s lives. Each year, more dogs are put to sleep because of behavior problems than the number which die from illness.

Reasons for Training

A trained dog is calmer and better behaved. You as the owner will have more control and at the same time be able to provide your dog with more freedom. This makes your dog a lot more enjoyable to have around. Your dog will then assume a well-deserved spot as a valuable addition to the family.

What Occurs While Training

While teaching your dog, it will learn three things. The first and the most obvious are the commands. The other two are respect and improved attention span.


The “heel” command means your dog must stay in position on your left side and incorporate an automatic sit when you come to a stop or in a stationary position. The “come” command means the dog comes when requested, and will sit down by you automatically. “Sit” and “down” commands are also taught. A “release” command is used in place of the “stay” command. Your loved ones will also be taught to site or lay down until released from that position.


We teach your dog to listen and carry out instructions. This will eliminate the perception your dog has that your are its toy instead of owner and master.

Attention Span

The third and final step occurs during training is that your dog will remain calm and pay attention to you as you execute your commands or wishes.

Training Materials

A six foot leather leach and training collar are required. This will be supplied for you at no extra cost during any training course you choose. A training collar is what most people refer to as a choke collar. You will be shown how to properly use a training collar in order to prevent any injury to your pet.

Training Options

Camp Paradise Pet Resort provides dog training in classes, private lessons and residence training.


Classes are taught in groups with four to eight dogs. The advantages of the smaller size group are that your dog gets to interact with the other dogs in a controlled situation, allowing the dog to develop important socialization skills. The dogs and their masters get quality time from the instructor. Individual attention can be paid to the special needs of each client. To make the program a success, you must schedule your time so you can attend every class. One class leads you systematically into the next phase of your training. Missing a lesson means you actually fall behind in two lessons; your dog would need to learn the missed material while trying to learn the new material. This puts you at a distinct disadvantage. Attending all scheduled classes is important.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are done on a one to one basis. You have the instructor’s undivided attention. A distinct advantage is that the appointments are scheduled for your convenience, and more attention can be given to your dog’s individual behavior problems.

Residence Training

Your dog stays at Camp Paradise Pet Resort for the period of one month. During this month, we train your dog for you. The big advantage is that we teach your dog while freeing you up to do other things. When you pick up your dog, it will obey the on-leash commands. You will be given lessons on how your dog was taught and how to instruct your dog to follow the commands it has been trained to do.

Methods of Training

Training is done using a praise method for positive reinforcement. There should never be any hitting or abuse when teaching your dog.