Taking care of your loved ones is what we are about. We are a full service Boarding Facility. We try our best to have your pets feel at home. All guest housing is heated and air conditioned, with background music throughout our whole facility. It is recommended that you bring in your pet’s food. Our house food is the Iams brand, sometimes the switch may cause an upset stomach or possibly diarrhea. We also encourage you to bring in any bedding, blankets, or toys your pet may be accustomed to having. The staff here will be more than happy to administer any type of medication, diet, or special needs your pet may need while staying with us. Vaccinations must be current for all guests.

Daily Boarding Rates:

1 Dog $20
2 Dogs (1 run) $30
3 Dogs (1 run) $39
4 Dogs (1 run) $48

1 Cat $11
2 Cats (1 run) $18
3 Cats (1 run) $24
4 Cats (1 run) $28

Birds $7.00
Ferrets $8.00
Rabbits $8.00
Guinea Pigs $8.00

For our canine guest we offer Individual housing in a four foot by 20 foot, indoor-outdoor runs. All dogs are individually exercised twice a day in a 100 foot by 25 foot exercise yard. The following vaccinations are required for a dog to stay with us DHLP, Parvo, Rabies, and the Intertrac or Bordatella.

Our Feline guest are housed individually and separate from the dogs. The pens all have various shelves for climbing and vary in size. The following vaccinations are required for a cat to stay with us FVCRP, Leukemia, and Rabies.

It is highly recommended to make reservations as soon as possible because we do book up frequently.